Access to basic quality health care is one of the most important domestic issues facing Liberia.

The Crisis

The health systems in Liberia are some of the worst world-wide. Hundreds of children and families die from malaria and other diseases daily. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), “42% of inpatient deaths are attributable to malaria.” With major issues such as, lack of clinics, few medical doctors and inadequately trained medical professionals, outdated medical technology and medicine, and poor hospital conditions adversely affecting the majority of citizens in the country.

Due to the lack of healthcare resources, many children and pregnant women don’t have access to hospitals and even less to treatment and medical personnel throughout the country. This explains the elevated mortality rates of infants and mothers—placing them among the highest in the world. Because of the lack of information and means of protection – contraception, medicine to prevent disease transmission from mother to children, close to 1% of the population is carrying the HIV/AIDS virus, of which 6,000 are children. The number of children affected by tuberculosis or malaria is equally disturbing and does not seem to be diminishing.

Our Approach

Our goal is to help counteract the healthcare challenges by helping to build up the health systems in Liberia; this include building modern day clinics and hospitals in counties, cities and villages to help save lives and provide adequate health care to the poor.

We look to partner with international organizations as well as for-profit organizations, to help establish more self-sustaining medical clinics, and to help galvanize funding and support to build new hospitals and clinics to provide free and quality medical care for the poor across Liberia. Volunteers will be asked to come in and provide quality and professional medical care in addition to training and supervising local staffs.