We believe that even in the darkest times, a brighter future is in the hands of those who give help and hope.

Our Mission

To serve humanity by meeting their physical and spiritual needs, restoring hope and winning souls for Jesus Christ.

Our Vision

To Create Communities Where Everyone Is Empowered To Take Meaningful Steps Toward Their God Given Potential.

About Our Organization

The Delano King Foundation, Inc. is a vital 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that attempts to help eradicate the negative impacts of apathy and lack of available human services for the vulnerable populations of Liberia, the United States, and beyond. Incorporated in Delaware June 2016, the Delano King Foundation is focused on helping to solve the world’s complex challenges both at home and across the globe.

Recognizing the needs that exist among our target population, The Delano King Foundation, Inc.’s staff will operate an orphanage, primary school, and feeding program for the underserved populations of Liberia and across the globe. Through the continuation of our programs, our organization will address the needs of our target communities, brighten lives, and assist each participant achieve their personal goals. Our organization’s objectives are accomplished by implementation of stimulating activities and materials that are organized around a well-developed prospectus.

Our activities are overseen by a group of well-qualified individuals. Our diverse staff members have ties to the community, and thus possess the unique ability to relate to the target demographic. Additionally, our Board of Directors is comprised of a professional group of talented individuals who are dedicated to committing their time and resources to building a stronger community. Our organization’s projects, implemented by a well-trained staff, offer many opportunities for the reduction of depravity and poverty through needed intervention. Supporting the development of mind, body, and soul, The Delano King Foundation, Inc. provides as many individuals as possible with a thorough foundation for future success.

The Delano King Foundation, Inc. strives to serve as many people as possible with the resources we have available – every individual is important to our organization and we will not discriminate against anyone. By offering services that are concentrated on addressing the greatest needs of our target community, we can make a positive contribution in helping the people we work with and lead a more fulfilling life.

We believe that every person has potential, but only a minute percentage of people will experience a significant fraction of their true potential. We understand the tremendous potential we possess, and we are committed to maximizing it.

That’s why we take pride in serving humanity. We go after everybody the world has ignored, and bring the good out of them through the blood of Jesus Christ, and we help them understand their God given potential. We give hope to the hopeless, locate the lost, feed the hungry, cloth the naked, provide care for the sick, visit the prisoners and bring the lost to Jesus Christ. Founded on Christian principles, the Delano King Foundation serves all people, regardless of religion, race, ethnicity or gender.

Our Core Values


We have a passion for the people we serve and the families we support.


We are committed to diversity in our employment and in the communities and people that we serve.


We strive to achieve the highest standards of organizational excellence through implementing best practices.


We provide creative responses to community needs.


We honor our commitments. We will not promise what we cannot deliver.


We honor people as individuals. We offer choices to the people we serve.


We will manage the organization so that we remain financially strong with an overall fiscal strategy that supports the delivery of quality programs.


We are committed to team work through building relationships, establishing partnerships and developing leadership.