The Delano King Foundation Needs Your Help To Save This Child’s Life

This child was born on October 16, 2018 in Mono Wainsue- a remote village in Bong County, Liberia. The village had no hospitals, or clinic. After giving birth, the mother began to bleed excessively and was rushed to the closest hospital in the city. Unfortunately, due to the poor road conditions, the drive took approximately 4 hours to transport both the mother and the child from the village to the city for treatment. The mother died immediately upon arrival at the hospital due to the long hours of excessive bleeding. The child, on the other hand, is currently at the hospital, left with no mother, no food, and no clothing, due to their family disadvantaged poverty. In most cases, the child will be abandon because the father cannot afford to take care of the baby in addition to the seven other children left to the father to take care of  alone. As children of God, it is our responsibility to save this child’s life and give him a brighter future. Please join the cause and help us meet the needs of this child.



We provide support for the less fortunate children in form of tuition fees, uniforms, books, and other operational cost. We do not stop there, we also offer empowerment programs for youth. Youth has quite challenging life phase, thus Delano King Foundation has arranged a list of workshops to equip them to become better and helpful for their surroundings. We hope you can be part of this movement.


We offer scholarship for orphans and less fortunate children. Currently we are supporting orphans in Liberia.

Overcome Poverty

We ensure more less fortunate children and families survive and thrive by providing them access to quality healthcare, nutritional meal, and great education.

Food & Fund Drives

Hosting a food or fund drive in your community, church, and place of work is an enriching way to give back to poor children and families in Liberia and alleviate hunger across the globe.

God Cares

We go after everybody the world has ignored and bring the good out of them through the blood of Jesus Christ, and we help them understand their God given potential.

School Supplies

Over five hundred struggling students benefit from our free educational supplies. Scissors, paper, pencils, and glue sticks seem like a modest expense. But for children whose parents might barely afford food, new school supplies are a luxury.

Youth Empowerment

Our Youth Empowerment program is designed to encourage and empower youth on different themes that will expose them to understanding their potentials and encourage them to pursue their goals and dreams.



8,000 children in Liberia lost one or both parents to the 2014-2015 Ebola Virus.  Many of these children are left vulnerable to abuse, exploitation and violence. They lack safe drinking water, clothes, shoes and educational opportunities.  From both the Civil War and the Ebola tragedies, the country has been shattered with broken families and children roaming the cities alone.

Sources: * Unless otherwise noted, this video has been sourced from abc NEWS.

Every cent can make a different in the lives of children and poor families who are dying from hunger, contaminated water and poor sanitation. You can support our efforts in serving humanity by shopping AmazonSmile for your online purchases. You can encourage your friends, families, neighbors, workmates, and church members to do the same. By shopping AmazonSmile, you will help to feed orphans and give clean drinking water to poor families in Liberia and other developing nations.

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